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Discover your roots through Torah Study classes in a wide range of topics.
The Jewish Learning Center
The Jewish people a.k.a "The People of the Book" have survived thousands of years of persecution.  Myriads of nations have attempted to wipe out our people, and yet, here we are, while those very nations have today, but distant memories of their former glorious days.
What is the secret to our survival?  What can explain our resilience?
While 90 percent of Jewry no longer live in the same
 homeland nor speak the same language of their great grandparents, our culture remains the same!   And I am not referring to the food we eat or the clothes we wear. Rather,  our beliefs, built upon the never changing always relevant Torah! The very same ancient verses and teachings studied by Rabbi Akiba continue to inspire today's scholars in the 21 century.
We at Chabad are aware and recognise the challenges you might face; you might be thinking..."but I don't know Hebrew",  "I don't want to feel judged",  or, "can this really still be relevant?" .  I assure you that at Chabad you will find classes that are engaging and informative, contemporary, and yet remain true to the original. All classes are prepared for Jews from all walks of life, texts are in English with no prior knowledge needed.  And I LOVE questions, even those I can't yet answer!
As the ancient adage goes " Try it, you'll like it!" :)
I look forward to continue exploring our heritage, together.
Rabbi Baruch Kaplan 
The Sunday Class:

K abbalah and Chassidic Philosophy

Kabbalah, which explores the deepest mystical secrets of the Torah is often to esoteric to serve as a practical guide for daily stugles.  Enters Chassidus, chassidic teachings capture the deepest – most abstract and profound – mystical concepts of Torah and translates them into a tangible, comprehensive and inspirational approach to serving the Al-mighty.

In this weekly Sunday class 

The Bible, beyond the stories!
A textual based analysis of the Five Books of Moses that will take you beyond the stories!

This class will provide a in depth study of the Torah starting from the book of Genesis. 
Learn to analyze the original text, explore the brilliant explanations the from the great Jewish scholars such as Rashi- 11 century France, Nahmandes- 12th  century spain,  and R Chaim ibn Atar 18th century Morocco

No prior knowledge needed- 
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